My Story

I would like to use this blog to document my adventures in spirituality, wood carving, and writing.

I’ve been looking forward to having a blog for a while. I tried sharing my feelings, my moral concerns, and my religion on Facebook and found that others didn’t like the way I treated my thoughts. I wanted more than a Rah-Rah site for me and my issues, so I created this.

I am a Roman Catholic who is trying to follow the pathways of the saints into holiness. I have recently dedicated by entire self to Jesus Christ, Wisdom Incarnate through the hands of the Blessed Virgin Mary. I am noticing changes in myself, but no signs of holiness!

I am a novice wood carver. I am taking a class through the adult education department, OLLI, at Furman University in Greenville, SC. The instructors have many years of experience and already have us carving graceful swans, and currently, a beagle. I don’t know why the scraping off of layers of wood excites me so, but I am happy about it. My first projects, a cedar spoon and stirring stick, are pictured on the site. I hope to have a swan for you to see very soon.

Lastly, but maybe firstly, I am a writer. it is terribly important to me and very difficult to do. Not because I don’t know how to write, but I would have to say that a severe case of procrastination is in operation. Of course, there is also the crisis of confidence and writer’s block. I have a long list of excuses. I recently finished a short story and I may be posting installments for you to read and comment on.

Thanks for visiting me!